Leveraging Crossover Trials

Crossover trials are clinical experiments in which participants are assigned randomly to a sequence of treatments and each participant serves as his/her own control in estimating the treatments' effect.

The advantage of crossover is that it effectively doubles the number of people in a trial which makes it easier to obtain statistically significant results more quickly, and participants act as their own control since their data is analyzed by comparing participants to themselves – before the intervention and after each intervention period.

Essentially, the study participants are switched through the treatment groups (both test and reference formulations) after a washout period. This gives a greater set of results with fewer volunteers and in a more controlled way.

QUINTA-ANALYTICA who are experts in this approach go a step further and plan and design studies so that the washout period of one study is utilized as a confinement period for another. Combine this with the fact they’ve smartly constructed their clinical unit in two independent parts to allow for simultaneous studies, the outcome is an impressive set of quality results in a very short period.

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