French Tax Credit System

QUINTA-ANALYTICA have been approved for registration into the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (France) Tax Credit system (CIR).

As a European based pharmaceutical company, Quinta are proud to have been granted approval into the French Tax Credit system for at least the next two years, opening the door for our French partners to take advantage of the R&D tax credit benefits offered by the Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The CIR is a public aid which supports the efforts of companies conducting Research and Development (fundamental research, applied research, experimental development) and also Innovation (expenditure for the production of prototypes or installations of new product pilots) via tax credit relief.

If you operate in France and are looking for a EU based partner who can deliver world class service and testing, get in touch to learn more about the tax incentives available to you and how you can offset your investment in research against your corporation tax bill.