Fighting Counterfeit Medicines

Times of crisis overwhelmingly bring out the good in society, however they also see the fakes and counterfitters crawl out from their shadowy world. With huge potential profits to be gained in the relatively short time that people are panicking there really is no better time to be extra cautious across our industry.

At QUINTA-ANALYTICA we take quality seriously not just in these unprecedented times, but ALL the time.  Quinta’s CCO Jiri Raska, explains “despite not being drug manufacturers per se, we’ve got our partners covered in all aspects of the services we provide to them, and we pride ourselves in the integrity of our end-to-end operations”.

The European Medicines Agency guidelines explain how checking the label, especially when buying online, is key to staying one step ahead, and this helpful post from the EFPIA - European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations  goes further to breakdown the risk.