Clinical Trials in a Covid-19 World

Aside from the trials on those directly affected with covid-19, the pharmaceutical world doesn’t stop, and the need for studies with healthy volunteers continues regardless of pandemics.

Following a 3-month lockdown that was imposed on the Central European nation, this week saw the successful completion of the first bioequivalence study in the Czech Republic, and likely the first in Europe, since the outbreak began.

The study, which took place over the past two weekends, was the first following the suspension of such tests by the state drug authority back in March.

A detailed proposal, outlining world-leading techniques & meticulous safety measures to prevent risk among volunteers and medical staff was put forward by QUINTA-ANALYTICA as a solution to restarting studies, and it subsequently gained an official green light by both the Ethical Committee and Drug Authority for tests to get underway.

The success shows that responsible studies in the midst of a global pandemic are both viable, and indeed critical for the continued development of lifesaving medicines.

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