Today we proudly welcome Ekolab into the Conscio Group. This strategic partnership enhances our analytical capabilities and solidifies our position as a provider of comprehensive solutions in the Pharmaceutical, Nutrition, and Technology sectors.

Ekolab, a laboratory based in Košice, Slovakia, and founded in 1992, has established a long-term reputation as a customer-focused and high-quality company, with expertise in physicochemical, microbiological, and biological analyses for a range of target industries. Over the years, Ekolab has stayed at the forefront of evolving legislation, meeting customer needs and processing diverse analytes from various sectors: Food & feed, environmental, industrial, health and pharmacy.

Stephan Holl, CEO Conscio Group commented: “We are excited about this partnership as it highlights our commitment to delivering excellent science to our valued clients. As the 6th member of the Conscio Group, Ekolab brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art facilities to our organization. Together, we now can further expand our offering and foster innovation across our fast-growing network.”

About Ekolab s.r.o.: EKOLAB is a renowned testing laboratory with a wide range of expertise in physicochemical, microbiological, and biological analyses. Ekolab specializes in the analysis of environmental samples, food & feed, health and pharmacy, fuels, and industrial products. Established in 1992 and based in Košice, Slovakia, Ekolab is committed to quality and safety across industries.

About the Conscio Group: Conscio Group is a network of quality science organizations committed to ensuring good health for all by improving the safety and reliability of food and pharmaceuticals. Conscio members include LVA (Austria), EL Labs (Slovakia), HyServe (Germany), Quinta-Analytica (Czechia), Gen-Plus (Germany) and Ekolab (Slovakia).

The Conscio Group is supported by BBA Capital Partners, an owner-financed investment group guided by a family equity philosophy. BBA combines the long-term perspective of a family business with professional corporate sustainability.


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Article by Albert Pineda

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