Looking for exceptional Pharmacokinetic, Bioequivalent, Toxicokinetic or Residual studies?

Thanks to our advanced technology, techniques, and highly sensitive ICP/MS tech, QUINTA-ANALYTICA’s bioanalytical department is capable of conducting elemental analyses of extremely minute trace elements in biological matrices such as urine, plasma, blood serum & tissues.

With very low detection limits in the order of parts per billion, we can determine the given element not only in terms of total concentration, but also the form in which the monitored element is contained in the given matrix (using speciation analysis). This is essential for assessing the efficacy of drugs or dietary supplements containing trace elements.

A perfect example: a methodology we’re currently establishing to determine serum iron after administration of a colloidal form of iron (i.e. Ferric carboxymaltose) used in the treatment of anaemia. Our analyses can be used to determine both total iron in the blood serum plus its individual forms (labile iron, iron bound to transferrin, colloidal iron).

We think that’s pretty cool!

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Additional News

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    Happy new year 2024

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    Our new clinical unit in Ostrava comes to life

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