Conscio Group enters strategic partnership with Gen-Plus, further strengthening its service offering for pharmaceutical customers

Gen-Plus GmbH & Co. KG (“Gen-Plus”) has decided to join forces with Conscio Holding GmbH (“Conscio Group”), an independent international network of scientific services providers. The partnership strengthens Conscio’s innovation capabilities and allows Conscio to provide an optimal service offering to its customers. Jointly, Gen-Plus and the Conscio Group will be able to support their customers in developing innovative products for end-consumers and patients.

Dr. Dachtler, Managing Director of Gen-Plus, explains: “By joining forces with the Conscio Group, we can provide a truly unique ‘end-to-end’ service offering to small and large pharmaceutical customers, from idea to commercialization. Gen-Plus supports the product idea generation, active ingredient screening, formulation work, and GMP-production. Conscio adds in house clinical trials, bioanalytical testing, extensive pharmaceutical testing, etc. I believe Conscio is the perfect partner for Gen-Plus’ next phase of growth. Our service portfolios are highly complementary, we share culture and values, and our continued independence is guaranteed.” Dr. Dachtler will remain Managing Director of Gen-Plus and joins the Executive Committee of the Conscio Group.

Dr. Wolfhart Hauser, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Conscio Group added: “Gen-Plus offers unique technology and innovation capabilities through its extensive project experience. The continuous investment into new capabilities enables Gen-Plus to develop better medication for patients. The Company’s relentless focus on its customers, agile working mode, and scientific work of the highest quality has impressed us and is aligned with Conscio Group’s own values. We look forward to partnering with Dr. Dachtler and the entire Gen-Plus team to grow and develop the organization.“

About Gen-Plus GmbH & Co. KG (“Gen-Plus”): Gen-Plus is an R&D and manufacturing expert for the pharmaceutical industry, from proof-of-concept to clinical trial samples and small batch GMP production. It has extensive experience in the key technologies of patches and thin films, 2D and 3D printing of drugs, high potent drugs and narcotics, hot melt extrusion, and tailored release profiles. Founded in 1999 and acquired in 2015 by Dr. Markus Dachtler (Managing Director), Gen-Plus has 25 highly qualified employees and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

About the Conscio Holding GmbH (“Conscio Group”): Conscio Group is an independent international network of quality science organizations committed to ensuring good health for all by improving the safety and reliability of food and pharmaceuticals. The Conscio Group is a fully certified provider of pharmaceutical analysis, bioanalytical testing, analytical R&D, clinical studies, biopharma analyses, QC analyses, batch release, and IMPD compilation. The pharmaceutical activities of the Conscio Group include Quinta-Analytica s.r.o. (Prague, Czech Republic), EL spol. s.r.o (Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia), and LVA GmbH (Klosterneuburg, Austria).

The Conscio Group is backed by BBA Capital Partners, an independent owner-financed investment group. BBA is guided by its Family Equity philosophy, combining the long-term mindset of a family business with sustainable and professional corporate development.


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