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Across the pharma world, the alignment to guidelines and rules set out by the regulatory authorities, and indeed the often even stricter requirements laid down by clients themselves must be not only met but exceeded in order to deliver success.

With full-service companies such as QUINTA-ANALYTICA operating under three practices, GMP, GLP, and GCP, the breadth of adherence is even greater.

This critical role, that underpins every modern pharmaceutical company, falls on the shoulders of the Quality Assurance team and who despite the challenges of the past year continued to meet their obligations and continue to deliver their high-quality services to both clients audits, and indeed the state authorities inspections in both the human and veterinary drugs areas.

As the slow return to normality starts, and the number of audits returning to the more usual 25-30 per annum, Quinta’s QA team are excited to move away from the remote audits of 2020, and back to the in-person visits whereby they can demonstrate the transparency and excellence that Quinta’s whole team deliver day in, day out.

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