Supporting clients with everything from preclinical to Phase III trials, the role of a Bioanalytical department is certainly one of variation and importance.

With services ranging from development, validation, and application of bioanalytical methods and protocols, through to the preparation of sampling manuals for clinical workplaces and onwards to the analyses of active ingredients and/or metabolites in biological samples, the lab needs coordination, experience, and leadership in equal measure.

Boasting nine modern LC/MS/MS devices with triple quadrupoles, six of which are equipped with a 2-channel HPLC system, it’s fair to say that QUINTA-ANALYTICA’s Bioanalytical department is one such world-class facility.

Headed by highly experienced Vladimír Kubeš, Quinta’s BioA department hosts a database that currently contains around 300 bioanalytical methods developed and validated in-house in accordance with GLP rules, ICH/FDA, and EMEA guidelines.

Offering a comprehensive range of services including testing of the application form of drugs to guarantee compliance with exact specifications, our Bioanalytical laboratory is here to support all analytical aspects of your clinical and pre-clinical tests.

Speak to Vladimir and his team to learn more.

Additional News

  • 18 July 2023

    Challenges of a large-scale study of breast cancer

    Our bioanalytical experts and a high-profile client team up for the development of a new therapy for breast cancer.

  • 29 June 2023

    EU funding for Quinta-Analytica laboratory in Brno (CZ) was succesfully completed.

    After two years, the project to finance new equipment for the Quinta-Analytica laboratory in Brno was successfully completed. The investment from European Regional Development Fund was used in this project.

  • 22 June 2023

    Quinta Analytica Partners with EvidentIQ to Enhance Efficiency of Phase 1 Studies

    EvidentIQ partners with Quinta-Analytica to enhance Phase 1 study efficiency