Step Inside Pharmaceutical Analyses

With an impressive track-record of international audits, including by EU and US authorities, the Department of Pharmaceutical Analyses is one of the fastest-growing parts of QUINTA-ANALYTICA.

By using a broad range of instruments, augmented by continual investment in state-of-the-art technology, Quinta is able to perform almost every analytical technique used in the pharma industry.

Operating across two sites, and performing hundreds of validations in accordance with cGMP and ICH guidelines annually, the department offers services spanning from the validation of analytical methods, to broader activities including in-vitro-in-vivo correlation studies, cleaning validations, microbial tests, and elemental impurities analyses.

The highly experienced team, headed by Mr. Martin Kroliak, works with finished dosage forms as well as with pharmaceutical raw materials, APIs, and their intermediates. Combine that with all activities of the department being supervised by an independent Quality Assurance team, and you can be guaranteed excellence throughout.

Working both with methods provided by customers and those developed by our Analytical R&D teams, we offer a very flexible approach to meet your needs and be your true pharma partner.

Speak to Martin and his team today to learn more.