Step Inside Analytical R&D

An efficient, flexible, modern laboratory that’s brimming with state-of-the-art equipment and follows the latest trends in analyticalchemistry while respecting good old-fashioned chemical processes. Welcome to QUINTA-ANALYTICA’s R&D department.

The core task of this department comprises the development of new analytical methods where (U)HPLC equipment is used for a variety of known detectors like DAD-UV, fluorescence, or ELSD. And for the cases where HPLC is not enough, our LC/MS system with linear ion trap mass spectrometer can be fired up in order to improve selectivity or specificity, especially in trace analyses.

Sounds complex, and indeed it is; but Libor Hoplíček and his team of innovative experts work tirelessly to carry out research in many interesting areas, including the determination and isolation of impurities, accelerated stabilities and degradation studies, de-formulation (reverse engineering) studies, and extractable/leachable analyses to name just a few.

If you’re developing volatile compounds, struggling with in-vitro testing, or looking for someone who has Franz diffusion cell expertise for your permeation studies, look no further. Contact Libor and his team for a no-obligation discussion.