Our New Electron Capture Detector

Looking for analysis of halogenated organic compounds such as chlorinated solvents in your pharma products? With our brand new Electron Capture Detector (ECD) we’ve got just the right equipment to help!

The team at QUINTA-ANALYTICA are very pleased to announce delivery of our latest innovative piece of technology in the form of specialized selective gas chromatography detectors, allowing us to offer even greater selectivity and sensitivity to our clients and partners.

By increasing our ability to detect compounds in matrices further, our new micro-electron capture detector provides trace-level analysis of halogenated organic compounds and aromatic pollutants, and is the most sensitive ECD on the market.

Produced by Agilent Technologies, and boasting reliability combined with unprecedented sensitivity and accurate quantitation of samples containing compounds with unknown concentrations, it is able to offer detection in the ranges from femtograms to nanograms per microliter.

By bolstering our line-up in this key area, Quinta are confident in repeating the last twenty years of history by remaining a fully certified top-class services provider to the global pharmaceutical industry.

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