How do YOU test the purity of your products?

How do YOU test the purity of your products?

Multiple methods such as melting, boiling, cloud, and slip melting points can be used to characterize a substance and analyze its properties, and here at QUINTA-ANALYTICA we’ve just upgraded to this awesome technology that we’re offering to our clients!

Using the Mettler-Toledo International, Inc MP80, we go beyond determining the melting point of a substance and are now able to measure each of these thermal values, including, importantly, the cloud point - the temperature at which one component of a mixture of liquids begins to solidify (or a mixture of liquids starts to become immiscible) upon cooling, resulting in visible cloudiness.

It’s long understood that knowing the boiling point of a liquid can help in selecting the optimal process temperature and provide additional information on ideal storage conditions, but also knowing the cloud point of your solution definitely helps in determining the best performance temperature range of your materials.

Offering incredible accuracy and lightning-fast results, there is no better way to verify the identity of precursor materials used in the preparation of your drugdevelopment.

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