Giving Back, One Tree at a Time

Giving back - one tree at a time.

With the world finally waking up to the devastating effects of climate change, and COP26 fresh on the minds of people around the world, QUINTA-ANALYTICA have taken their own first small step this week in giving back, one tree at a time.

As many of us know, trees greatly benefit the people living around them by having a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing, reducing stress, and encouraging outdoor exercise; as well as being attractive aesthetically, they remove and store carbon from the atmosphere, slow heavy rain which reduces the risk of flooding and enhance air quality.  

It is with this in mind that Quinta stepped forward and transformed a parcel of land behind their Prague HQ into a future orchard. Planting a range of fruit trees including apples and apricots, the team not only created the foundation of a new green space in the heart of the city but also set the ball rolling in the provision of a new habitat that will be rich with fruits for the benefit of local wildlife too.  

Quinta’s CCO Jiri Raska commented that “the planting of these trees is significant in that it outwardly shows that Quinta are committed to the environment, our local community, and most importantly the protection, and indeed future, of the one thing we all share - our planet".

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