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Bioequivalence studies / Studies I.-II. phase


Special subject populations

Quinta-Analytica s.r.o. has extensive pool of active healthy volunteers (more than 2000) as well as special subject populations. We cooperate with medical care communities to provide special patient populations for Phase I and Phase IIa studies.

Moreover, we can organize toxicokinetic and pharmacokinetic studies for animals.

Following populations are available:

  • Preclinical studies –toxicokinetics, pharmacokinetics in co-operation with other CRO
  • Healthy male and female volunteers
  • special populations:
    • elderly males and females (> 65 years)
    • post-menopausal females
    • overweight/obese subjects
    • subjects of asian origin
    • fast/slow metabolisers
  • populations of special health conditions:
    • subjects with renal impairment
    • subjects with liver impairment